My theory on why Kote can’t do nearly as many things as Kvothe

Ok, so we all know that the Alar is the ‘riding-crop’ belief. We also know that Kvothe has one of the most powerful Alars in Temerant. What if Kvothe is using his Alar to make himself believe so firmly that he is Kote? To make himself believe that he can’t fight or use his Alar? I haven’t found any textual evidence to support this, but it could help to explain why he sometimes is able to seem like Kvothe or slips into habits that Kvothe had (such as humming). What do you guys think about this?

Thanks to u/Dameon574 for reminding me about the Analogy between this and the ‘Hide the Stone’ Game that Kvothe played with himself. He could be hiding that knowledge about how to use the Alar and how to fight from himself.

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