The Sunless Citadel – Session One Recap

PCs present: Errich Underbough, Ridian Tathvir, Theron Bogno, Tornin, Dami Ues, Norixius Tyrian (for the first hour-ish). 

The campaign began in the quaint town of Oakhurst, where PCs gathered in The Lucky Trunk tavern and were confronted by a woman named Kerowyn Hucrele. Kerowyn is a late-middle-aged human woman with fine clothes and an air of confidence, who runs Oakhurst’s general store. Her two children, Talgen and Sharwyn Hucrele, ventured into the mysterious Sunless Citadel several weeks ago and have not returned. Each wore a signet ring, and Kerowyn offers adventurers 125gp per ring, per person, if they are returned; she will double the reward if her children are returned in good shape. 

The party ventured out that same night, and encountered two twig blights in the early morning. The One On The Right made a great campfire. 

Seven miles down the Old Road later, the party found a massive ravine with pillars of dirt staggered throughout. The follow a rope- sturdy and only a few weeks old- down into the darkness, and find themselves on a pillar with several levels and narrow (but safe) stairs roughly carved into the dirt. They fought off three giant rats who jumped out at them from the rubble atop the pillar, and followed two sets of human footprints down into the Citadel. 

They found themselves in a small room, which feeds into the base of a tower. The party uncovered a secret door, which lead into a tiny enclosure where three ancient skeletons, dead at the time of the Citadel’s destruction, reanimate and attack the party. They successfully found the skeletons off, and looted them for arrows and silver. 

In the next room feeding from the tower, the party uncovered another giant rat buried in rubble, and attempted to unlock a door with a dragon carved into it by shoving rat blood inside the keyhole which, amazingly, didn’t work. While the rest of the party moved on, Ridian spent a little while gutting the rat and examining the innards in case the key had been eaten by the rat.

The party then found a room with a giant fire pit, empty cage, and a bed on which Meepo the kobold was sleeping restlessly. When questioned, Meepo revealed that he was the dragon keeper, and the kobol’s dragon Calcyrix had been taken by goblins. If the party agreed to “make nice”, he would take them to the leader of the kobolds’ leader, Yusdrayl, who could answer their questions for them. The party agreed. 

Yusdrayl repeated what Meepo said about the dragons, and the party noticed that there was a dragon statue behind her with a key in it’s mouth. She agreed to give it to them if they returned Calcyrix, and the party discussed how they might trick her at length (creating the illusion of Calcyrix long enough to distract her, stealing the key, and burying them all under the rubble of an earthquake spell?). In the end, they decided to just go save Calcyrix. Meepo lead them part of the way there before they realized they had a “command” spell and went back. 

Under the command “give,” Yusdrayl gave the party the key, then seemed confused by the situation. Errich convinced her she’d willingly given them the key, and they moved on to the dragon room. 

Once the door to the dragon room was unlocked, the party discovered a room with four enclaves- three on one side, one on the other- in each of which stood a blue orb. The three together were all broken and unlit, but the one alone was still glowing blue, and upon approaching it, forlorn music would play and compel the character to retreat to the starting room before the effects of the song wore off and they could return. 


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